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Whitehall Lane 2004 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Dear Dean Sylvester... good freakin job.  He, my friends, is the winemaker over at Whitehall Lane Winery in Napa... and he's killin' it.  Check out Blake's Review of the 2004 Reserve Cab below....

Blake's Review

Interesting glass tipped closure, perhaps it's the reason there was a bit of a reductive quality on first opening-blows off quickly. 

Jam packed Napa fruits featuring blackberry, blueberry and cassis. There's a slight savory component and a bit of cab bell pepper/capsicum that gives way to a medium full bodied wine of immense youth considering it is 12 years old!  Also ripe black olive, smooth chalk, sweet/candied muddled black cherry and subtle campfire. There is almost a Chilean quality (but actually in a good way). For just shy of a hundred ($79), I would back up the truck as this tastes closer to the $150-175 range. 

Also, super Napa, super exotic, anti Bordeaux. 

Not layered or complex enough to be more than 93. But sooo nom nom delicious...

Delicious and thrilling to drink now, it will easily last another 10 years, probably more.

Overall Rating - 93 PTS

Stock up on the 2004 here... or as Blake says, "Back up the truck."

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