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Becker Vineyards 2014 Prairie Rotie


Yea yea Becker is in Texas and Texas wines are.... Just put aside what you know about vino from this great state and listen up.  

Nick's Review

Nose hits you fairly quickly with bright cherry and floral notes. The fruit is fresh and super expressive before you even take a sip. It's reminiscent of a light Rhone style blend.... with enough pulling you in to be interesting. As the glass tips towards your lips, strong but inviting vanilla and a hint of spice draw you in.  

13.5% ABV?... It feels like less. This wine is incredibly easy to drink. Similar mouthfeel to an Oregon Pinot Noir but with a more earthy texture... Oh and hello again Vanilla. It's almost chewy, not that it's thick it's just got so damn much dark red fruit that your mouth just instinctively wants to chomp down. This is a tasty wine, and for Texas to make it?  Well done Becker. 

Cherry, strawberry, pomegranate, slight blood orange, and it's followed by a bit of complexity. The finish is just sexy. Smooth with no reason to doubt your purchase. But how could you at only $25?

Buy. This.  (Get it here)

Overall Rating - 90 pts


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Hey Blake, I don't care if you hate all Texas wines.  I liked this one.  Deal with it.