Smoke Tree 2014 Chardonnay | DWC | Wine Review | Sonoma

Smoke Tree 2014 Chardonnay | DWC | Wine Review | Sonoma

Smoke Tree 2014 Chardonnay

I'm diving straight into the reviews... you'll see why soon...

Ian's Review

Nose is delightful, with notes of pear, apple, vanilla, and toast.  On the palate, you get the same flavors with a solid acidity, but very anticlimactic after it hits your toungue.  Very flat on the mid palate.  Kinda a quasi metallic funky finish.  This wine tastes like it was designed to appease the typical Kroger Shopping Chardonnay drinker.

This is your typical, run of the mill, made for retail Chardonnay.  I know they’re marketing this wine to restaurants (that’s how we got this bottle, as a sample).  With a by the glass cost of $12 & change per bottle, this is Moët Hennessey's first attempt at a new wine from California in quite some time.  I think they could’ve done better.  If I were to rate this wine based on label and appearance, I’d say 93+…. but the juice… only gets an 87.

Overall Rating - 87

Label Rating - 93 (ha ha)


Nick's Review

Nose carries notes of pear, vanilla, stone fruits, and citrus. Honestly, it's very approachable; a pleasant, easy drinker.  As soon as it hits the palate you get a basic, almost over-acidic presentation of the flavors on the nose... then it just disappears.  Really, disappears.  I can't tell you what's on the mid palate, because I don't know.  I have no idea.

This is a straight forward Chardonnay.  Straight forward as in... it is exactly what I expect and doesn't impress me.

Don't get me wrong, things that don't impress people can still be good, but they're just that.  Good.  Not great.

Overall Rating - 86


Wrapping Up...

This wine comes straight from corporate America.  No, not Donald freakin Trump.  I mean it's the kind of wine made directly for the $15 Chardonnay drinker... except it costs $20.  No offense, but we think you can do better with a $20 bill.

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