DWC | Epoch 2015 Rosé | Wine | Rose

DWC | Epoch 2015 Rosé | Wine | Rose

DWC | Epoch 2015 Rosé | Wine | Rose

DWC | Epoch 2015 Rosé | Wine | Rose

DWC | Epoch 2015 Rosé | Wine | Rose

Epoch 2015 Rosé

Oh Texas, our Texas.  So darn hot.

Summer is definitely in full swing, and what better to beat the heat than a glorious chilled Rosé?  Check this one out...

Nick's Review

Stone fruits, apple, citrus, pear, with bright floral notes. A light hint of tomato and ginger follows... Shows this wine could stand up to food with spice! (Break out your Thai food)

Light acidity with exemplary body for a rose. Definitely dry but it won't tear your face off. Pleasantly bold, throwing flavors of tomato, ginger, and raspberry on the palate. If you keep it in your mouth you'll be pulled into spicy almost warm sensations on your tongue as if you've just swallowed a bite of spicy pad Thai. Don't be fooled though... This won't deter those who hate spicy foods. It's just more fun than light boring fruity Rosés with light or no body.  

Despite the ginger and body in the mouth, the finish is quite soft. It almost disappears off your tongue and finishes the show with a small fireworks production of citrus and spice. You'll want more. Trust me. 

At only $30 I'd pick up a case... But a single bottle will more that satisfy you on these hot summer days.

Overall Rating - 91

One more thing...

Don't believe us?  Check out this post by Fashion Blogger Elle Spann (Instagram @ElleSpann) of Southern Elle Style!  She loved this wine too, and describes an emerging Rosé fashion trend... Check it out!



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