Welcome to the Dallas Wine Club Blog

Today marks the beginning of our communication to you, our avid Dallas Wine Club fans.  Here, we will record the notable wines at our events, review wines we've tasted in the past, as well as post random wine related rants.

Inaugural Event - 15 June 2015

As far as our Inaugural event goes, here's a recap.  The Founders gathered together with a group of about 10 industry professionals at Ascension Wine and Coffee to kick off the first tasting.  We broke open 3 notable bottles, and they failed to disappoint.  Let me break one of them down for you.

Featured Wine

2007 Chateau Haut Brion, Premier Grand Cru Classe, Bordeaux, France


Dusty red fruit, exotic spices on the palate. Light integrated tannins and medium finish. 

Should you Buy? - Pass, high price to quality ratio

You already have it - Drink now or hold

Rating - 92 points


Even in a vintage like 2007, the stunning terroir of Haut Brion can shine through to make a spectacular wine.  An aristocratic wine fashioned in an elegant style, the 2007 Haut Brion spews off candied cherry tarts, Crem de Cassis, iron ore, wet tobacco, eucalyptus, fresh flowers, and crushed rocks.  This is never going to be a showstopper, but is more an exercise in restraint and terroir.  Very fresh on the palate, this will no doubt be a very classic claret (one that is much more introspective/cerebral than for hedonistic pleasure) for drinking from 2017 over the coming 2 decades.

Should you Buy? - Pass, high price to quality ratio

You already have it - Hold to between 2016 and 2033

Rating - 94 points


Let's set aside the cost of this bottle for the moment... This wine is downright intriguing.  On first approach the nose grasps your attention with notes of cherry, floral bouquets, and tobacco.  On the palate the wine leaves some for wanting.  Don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed it.  Clear notes of dark chocolate, slight minerality, tobacco, candied nuts, and spices.  But there's something about the smooth/medium finish that forces you to ask yourself how much the bottle was.  Great wine, but definitely expensive.

Should you Buy? - Pass, high price to quality ratio

You already have it - Hold to between 2018 and 2022

Rating - 90 points

So What's Next...

Fear not my young enthusiastic friend... here you'll soon find wine facts and info for everyone from the uninformed to the professional.  Wine is what we love, and we want to share it with you.  Stay tuned.