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Bachelet-Monnot 2012 Bourgogne Rouge

Oh Brothers... Two brothers made this wine... get it?  Yea you're right, I'm hilarious.

About the wine...

I know I know, there's a fight between Burgundy and Bordeaux lovers... I'm typically partial to Bordeaux, but hear me out.  Domaine Bachelet-Monnot cranks out some great wine for the price.  This bottle is a prime example, and thank GOD for wine shops like Pogo's for existing and supplying us with these bottles.

Review below...

Marc and Alexandre Bachelet | Winemakers | DWC

Nick's Review

Nose is very subtle. Fruit forward with a hint of cumin and pepper. Enticing, but in a classy kind of way. Palate weighs down your tongue right away, but I wouldn't label this wine as heavy at all. Notes of citrus, almost soft grapefruit linger behind acidity and light body, while plum and ripe cherry make sure you know they're present. Short after tasting you feel as though you've just bitten into a beautifully seared lamb chop with a hint of cherry glaze. Acidity carries through and makes you salivate for more. Great pick, and for under $30 it's a dang steal.  

Overall Rating - 93 PTS 

Pick it up at Pogo's off of Lovers Lane here in Dallas, or order it online Here.

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