Epoch 2012 Veracity

Epoch wines have been produced since 2007.  The property they occupy rather, sports a rich tradition of over 130 years of wine making.  Epoch wines may be fairly young as a winery, but let us tell you... they are making some excellent wines.  Check out our review of the Epoch 2012 Veracity below...

Our Review

If there was something past over ripe, and something past that, that word would describe the nose.. And that's a good thing because it's super pure! Prunes, blueberries and kirsch (all liqueured) dominate. This almost had Phillip Togni's red dessert wine quality to it. Totally balanced (in the low acid sort of way, which is what people pay real money for with Rhones.. And just about everything else) and pushing the boundaries in all directions; this is a textural and hedonistic skyscraper of a wine. Does it leave your mouth tired? Maybe, but in a good way-like after spending the day drag racing. Awesome.

Overall Rating - 96

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