Restaurant R'evolution - Hospitality in the French Quarter

When I think of the French Quarter in New Orleans, great wine and excellent hospitality aren't what first come to mind.  This restaurant had both, and their food was killer too.  I recently spent a few days in New Orleans, and let me tell you, dining at Restaurant R'evolution was definitely a highlight of our trip.

About the Restaurant

This is a joint venture between Chefs John Folse and Rick Tramonto that offers Cajun/Creole cuisine as well as steak, pasta and game. The food was incredible, the wine was great, but the impeccable hospitality was the most impressive.

Our Experience

The day of our reservation I sent an email l their General Manager Luis Ochoa asking if I could tour their wine cellar. He immediately responded within 5 minutes and not only offered a tour of the cellar, but of the whole restaurant as well.

During our stay our team of service staff were very prompt and attentive. They have great suggestions and when I couldn't decide between the truffle mashed potatoes and the grits, they brought both out. Our server even opened up a bottle of Barolo and shared a couple of glasses with us. 

Upon the conclusion of our dinner the Bar Manager Patrick Sterling took my girlfriend and I on a tour of the restaurant, cellar and the kitchen. 

This is a wonderful restaurant and their team really made the experience. I look forward to coming back on my next visit to Nola.


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