Epoch 2009 Ingenuity

Yea, we know... we just reviewed one of Epoch's wines.  Honest to God we aren't on their payroll, Blake just buys a ton of it.  But wow... This wine... Just keep reading...

Epoch 2009 Ingenuity | Dallas Wine Club | Wine Review

Blake's Review

Young wines should not taste this good.  A kitchen sink Rhone style blend with 16.1% stated alcohol dripping down your throat imparting liqueured kirsch, strawberries, deeeeeeep black cherries, white pepper, deer blood, liquid sex and everything else you can say about of wine in a good way (from liquified chalk to white chocolate)... This is seamless with a 10 point earthquake of a mid palate that kaleidoscopes for days. Wine doesn't taste better. There's extreme heaviness and ultra full bodied candied texture filling up every tastebud on your tongue but you can't help but take one more sip.. One more.. Then gone. So sad..

Heavy on the alcohol? Sure, but those that don't give an 'on' bottle of this 100 points lose at life. It will get better, but just go buy every bottle and drink it right now.. Stop reading this and buy it right now!

Overall Rating - 100 pts 

Drink now through 2020.


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