Lagarde is one of the oldest Wineries in the Mendoza region, planting some of its vines as early as 1897.  It is currently run by sisters Sofia and Lucilia Pescarmona, the third generation of the original Winemaking family.  We've only had their Guarda Cabernet Franc so far... but we're impressed.  Also produced as part of the Guarda label are a Malbec (Ian's tried this and says it's equally impressive as the Cabernet Franc), Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Chardonnay.


Lagarde Winery Vineyards


Now on to the review...

Today we're reviewing the Guarda 2012 Cabernet Franc, and trust us... it's a great wine. Very approachable and entertaining for anyone from the typical casual wine fan to the enthusiast alike. Buy it. You won't be disappointed.  Keep reading.




Lagarde Guarda 2012 Cabernet Franc

Lagarde Guarda 2012 Cabernet Franc



Nose is of soft herbs, presenting with mint, sage, and  white pepper; carried through with strawberry and blackberries. Palate presents with jammy almost tart fruit with slightly sweet green bell pepper.  Green bell peppers and a smooth tannic structure are on the mid palate with a well structured and medium bodied mouthfeel.  It's followed by a long smooth finish. This wine is very characteristic of a 100% Cabernet Franc from this region. 

This is a great Cab Franc. Definitely a great buy at $26-30. You can find it at one of our most respected wine shops Pogo's for around $28.

Should I buy? - Yes.  Buy it. Go to Pogo's and buy it.


Overall - 93
Hedonism - 90
Fun to drink - 94
For the Classic - 91
In Pursuit of Balance (IPoB) - 90



A bright, briar driven bouquet of fresh strawberries and blackberries shoots through the glass on first glance. Underneath, these attributes are marked by interwoven notes of bellpepper, white pepper, mint, eucalyptus, baked mixed berry tarts and red berry liqueur. A multidimensional mouthfeel with a riveting juxtaposition of freshness and eviscerating richness, this wine punches WELL above its weight.

There is a cherried bitterness that needs to blow off within a few years time, and it undeniably will. At its peak this will be a 94 point wine, until then, it has to live with its 'measly' 93 points. Freakin fantastic deal under $40.

This is a style that can be appreciated by all spectrums of wine lovers, from the fruit lovers to the IPOB (In Pursuit of Balance) folks.


Overall - 93
Hedonism - 89
Fun to drink - 93
For the Classic - 92
In Pursuit of Balance (IPoB) - 90


In Closing...


Yes... we know it's been awhile since we've reviewed a wine.  Stick with us, it'll get better.

If you've had this wine, or have anything to say, throw some comments below.